Sunday, September 13, 2009

first week

I have just settled into my apartment off the Bogathi Road near the city centre of Nairobi. I seem to have landed on my feet. My flatmate, Trixie has been in Kenya for a while and is showing me around. We get on well, with lots of things in common. Started the day with western brunch, great coffee in a mall...I know, how American. but these malls are everywhere and its the only place to get a good cup of coffee, loads of white people around, seems like home. Off then to an african dance class very unlike home. I moved parts of my body I haven't moved in years, rolling sholder movements, but dancing, arm swinging, leg tapping and all at the same time, its exhausting. Then I had to catch 3 matatos home, while carrying 3 bags...I miss my car.
Friday night was fun. Went to a Dutch girl's party, lots of African dancing and drinking Tuskers..very light and fizzy beer that everyone is proud of.
I like the buzz of Nairobi but there is a great divide between Nairobi and the rest of the country which I will discover more about in the upcoming weeks as I travel Western Kenya
starting work tomorrow as the only speech and language therapist in the country, how daunting!!